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The hunch of pain.  Every day I see it.  Someone comes in to see me with an achy upper back.  “I need work on my back!” they claim, or “my back is so tight!” …yet little do they know, the exact opposite is actually going on.

The number one misconception of back pain, or muscle pain for that matter – is that people confuse stretched pain for tight pain.  More often than not, the painful muscle is simply a compensating muscle from another cause. 

Let me explain; when a muscle is being over-stretched it will cause a great deal of pain and people assume that this pain is due to the muscle being “tight” itself, when essentially this muscle is being stretched by another opposing muscle or muscle group.  And what people don’t realize is, is that by loosening the stretched muscle (the painful muscle) you can actually contribute to the problem – only to allow more room for the opposite tight muscle (which is the actual cause of pain) to shorten and pull the body further out of bala...

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