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Alana Dayne

Tantra Instructor, Sexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Somatic & Energy Work

$120/session, free 15 minute consultation

Packages available.

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About Alana

Alana uses her diverse training, education, and experience based guidance in working with individuals and couples, empowering them to overcome sexual dysfunction, relationship issues, and heal body, mind, spirit, and SEX!.


She is a personal and relationship coach, meditation instructor, sexual therapist, and is trained in race and gender diversity, inclusion, and NVC (Non-violent communication). 

She is a Certified Authentic Tantra ® Practitioner & Educator, ABS Certified Sexologist, Reiki Practitioner, and Somatic practitioner.  

Weaving  together her training in Tibetan Tantra, Energy work, Reiki, and sound healing, she provides somatic and light touch sessions that balance the energy centres of the body and promote emotional healing.

Visit Alana's Website to learn more.

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