group Meditation Coaching for 

people with depression

An additional tool to help you change your energy

This online program can help you transcend depression energetically, through simple guided meditation and group coaching

Note: This program is not a substitute for clinical depression treatment. Anyone struggling with depression should also be under medical care and supervision. This program is not instructed by medical professionals. It is intended to complement conventional therapies, as an additional,natural tool to help with the process.

Instructed by: Karen Litinsky

Karen is the author of Destruction Cycle, the co-creator of the Ego-Less meditation app, and the owner of Paradise of Reality Wellness Center in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

Karen is a meditation teacher with a doctoral degree in metaphysical psychology, a registered Massage Therapist and certified holistic life coach. 

My goals as your coach are to:


- Guide you through the uncomfortable energies of depression

- Encourage you to evolve your perspective 

- Help you reprogram your mind and shift your energy

- Connect with who you really are 

- Empower you to move into your authenticity and live the life you are meant to live

I do this by digitally:

Helping you learn how to meditate

As you clear your mind of thoughts, you can begin to see to the bottom of who you are.

Sending you bite-size guidance regularily

Quick, easy guided meditations, focuses, breathing exercises, affirmations , and more.

Sharing great "energy-shifting" resources with you

Karen will positively guide you through your week and help you stay focused on high frequency energies

Customized guided meditations

Every month I customize at least one new guided meditation for my students 

Cost: $50/month

Once you have enrolled into the coaching program, you may cancel enrollment at any time on a month to month basis.

Suggested book for coaching program:

for more information on Destruction Cycles go to

or click below to get your copy of the book/ebook from Amazon

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