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winnipeg deep massage boniface 

winnipeg deep massage boniface 

winnipeg deep massage boniface 

Our Story


Paradise of Reality began in 2007, initially as a women's wellness business that focused on counselling, workshops and bodywork all performed by Karen Litinsky. Since then our scope and team has expanded and evolved.  We are passionate about celebrating our proven methods as well mastering new colorful approaches to holistic health. 

winnipeg holistic metaphysic reiki

winnipeg holistic metaphysic reiki

winnipeg holistic metaphysic reiki

Karen R Litinsky RMT MpsyD

Karen is a Metaphysical Psychologist that has been helping people achieve greater states of holistic wellbeing since 2006. Karen is a registered AMDA & NHPC member as well as certified Holistic Life Coach, Natural Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Reiki II practitioner with a background in Chakra Therapy, Pranic Healing, Energy Work and Meditation. 

After several years of intense study in various avenues of holistic mental/physical/spiritual wellness, Karen opened up Paradise of Reality in 2007 and began teaching inner studies workshops and classes. Karen has dedicated the past decade to specialize in the ego-mind and study the mind/body in connection with therapy. Karen has been a major player in the creation of the international Ego-Less System, an online mind renovation series (

Owner/Operator/Instructor/Massage Therapist

Carole Verrier


To book with Carole call or text (204) 330-3799

Carole has been practicing energy work and studying alternative modalities for over 18 years.  The moment you meet Carole you will see that she not only is a master of her many crafts, she lives and breathes positive energy work.  

Carole has dedicated the past decade of her life certifying in many modalities including Reiki, Tibetan Pulsing, Bioenergy, Junjou Hadou, Hemi-Sync, AromaTouch, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Axiatonal Aligment, Soul Retrieval, Kofutu Healing System, Egyptian Hieroglyphs Star Healing System, Access The Bars as well as a long time student of Qi Gong.  Carole is now a Reiki Master in Holy Fire III Karuna, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Celtic Reiki, and Lightarian Enlightenment Rays Reiki, Seichim Reiki, and Companion Animal Reiki Level 1. 


Along with attentive communication with each client, Carole intuitively combines all of her knowledge and techniques to personally customize each session to what you specifically need at this particular time on your life path journey.  No two sessions with Carole are ever the same;)

Reiki Master/Energywork/Chakra Balancing/Soul Retrieval

Maureen Brouwer DPT


To book with Maureen call or text (204) 952-6458

As a Physiotherapist, Maureen has received a University education and is professionally registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba.  She has extensive experience in varied areas of adult health services, in Physiotherapy practice, research and teaching. 

Maureen’s knowledge of emotional and physical neuroscience, of human behavior, psychology, health & wellness and her counselling skills, provide individuals with the resources and nurturing environment that they need to tap into their inner-strength, improve their physical and mental health, and achieve inner-alignment and fulfillment in different areas of their life.


What to expect during your Physiotherapy appointment with Maureen

Maureen has particular interest in the connection between mind and body - in pain and in healing from injury/illness, and therefore provides a one-on-one approach where you receive focused care and attention for your entire appointment. 


Integrating mind and body science and clinical expertise, Maureen will help you understand your pain, gain pain-free movement, regain flexibility in short muscles, strengthen and condition weak ones.  Maureen will also help you make the connection between musculoskeletal problems and your daily life -  the effects of postural habits, fatigue,  ergonomics, and stress, as well as learn self management practices and Injury prevention for home and at work. 

As a  Health and Wellness Consultant Maureen provides one-on-one consulting, presentations and workshops on Benefits of Exercise for Physical and Mental Wellbeing; Stress Management - Breath and Body Awareness,  Relaxation, Self Compassion;  Bone Health, Exercise and Falls Prevention.

Physiotherapist/Myofascial Release Massage/Inner-Wellbeing Coaching

Justin Lemoine RMT


To book with Justin call or text (204) 557-6227

Justin graduated from the Evolve College of Massage Therapy. He has a passion for health and wellness. He specializes in treating acute and chronic injuries, aches and pains, and helping people relax. 

During his treatments you can expect a mindful massage with optimal pressure and slow, effective techniques. From relaxation massage to deep tissue, Justin is extremely talented at reading the clients needs and exceeding their expectations. He incorporates breathwork, myofascial release and if client wants increased pressure; various deep tissue techniques. Through his experience with sports, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of fitness and health. 

On his spare time Justin is an accomplished rock-climber, traveler and yoga and meditation enthusiast.

Able to provide treatments in french upon request!

Massage Therapy, Cupping Massage, Structural Therapy

Jayme Syposh

To book with Jayme email: or book online 

Jayme Syposh is a registered massage therapist, graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage. During an appointment, Jayme will employ a thorough consultation and assessment process to create an individualized treatment plan suited to each person's needs and abilities. They enjoy finding ways to improve body movements, reduce pain and aid with stress reduction.

Jayme's goal during the massage treatment is to help people find renewed ability and presence to enjoy their daily lives 

Massage Therapist

Shaquelle Hibbert Kinesiologist

to book with Shaquelle email


Shaquelle is a kinesiologist with a degree from the University of Manitoba and holds certifications as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is currently a clinical exercise physiologist candidate as well as a dietician student. Shaquelle has been providing personal training and health and wellness related services for a few years now and is focusing in to help people who have chronic illnesses. Her passion is to work with adults who have a type 2 diabetes diagnosis or have a pre-diabetes diagnosis to help manage blood sugars and other effects of the condition through healthy lifestyle changes and exercise programming.


Shaquelle has lived through a diagnosis of pre-diabetes and has been able to lose over 50lbs and keep it off while levelling out her blood sugars. Shaquelle has found the best way to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle includes changing only one unhealthy habit at a time. It takes years of lifestyle choices to receive a diagnosis, so it will take time to create a healthier lifestyle

kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Diabetes Specialist

Dr Jess Flamand BSc (Hons) ND

To book your appointment with Dr. Jess please call or text her at (204) 979-5735

Dr. Jess has a true passion for helping others. Through Naturopathic Medicine she is able to combine herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, TCM, clinical nutrition, counselling and much more into a plan specific to each individual.


Everyone is unique and should be treated as such. Dr. Jess has a special interest in the naturopathic principles to identify and treat the cause, and to treat the whole person. Many times things causing us physical discomfort can have a root in the mental, emotional, environmental, social, and other personal factors. There are often many factors inhibiting us from feeling our best and it is important to bring these to light in order to heal.


What To Expect

Working with Dr. Jess starts with an initial visit. This will be a session where you discuss you health goals along with your current and past health information. Preliminary treatments will be discussed in this visit to help start you down the path to better health. An initial visit is mandatory for all new patients or any patients who have not been to Dr. Jess in the last 2 years. The second session will be physical exams and an outline of your specific treatment plan. Depending on your individual path to healing what follows could be regular acupuncture visits or follow up visits that can be done in person or online depending on your needs and comfort during these times. 


Book a free 15 min consultation call to briefly discuss your goals and hear how Dr. Jess can help you on your health journey.

Naturopathic Doctor

Stacey Suderman

Stacey Suderman – Call or text Stacey at 204-797-7994 to book, or email or use the online booking tool. 

I have always been open to spirit, energy and everything the universe has available to us. My path in life has now given me the opportunity to balance my corporate professional career alongside providing wellness services as part of the amazing team here at Paradise. My services include: Reiki and End of Life Doula services.

Reiki ($25/half hr, $50/hr): If you are seeking energetic support, I offer reiki services (including distance reiki, especially during Covid 19) at for both people and animals. I am a certified Reiki level two practitioner and animal reiki practitioner. During a reiki session, I will use hands-on healing where energy is transferred from my hands to you, while you are fully clothed lying on a massage table. This non-invasive treatment will encourage physical, emotional and/or spiritual healing as the universal energy moves through your body and rests where it is needed most. Reiki is a great compliment to massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic or any other medical treatment modalities.

End of Life Doula ($25/hr): I am also an End of Life Doula, providing support and advocacy for individuals and their family around the topic of end of life care. As your End of Life Doula, I want to help prepare the last chapter of your story here in the physical world. 


My services include;

  • Initial consultation and discussion on needs

  • Resource support

  • Advance Care planning

  • Legacy work

  • Vigil

  • Post death support for family and caregivers

Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Massage, and End-of-Life Doula

Sharon Sohor MSW RSW


To book with Sharon call or text (204) 297-6975

"Is it hard to see the light through the darkness? Difficult to have a sense of hope? Are you struggling with personal conflicts, difficult relationships, low self-esteem, caregiver stress, grief and loss, depressed mood, anxieties, addictions?"

Life changes, challenges and transitions can be emotionally and mentally draining of our energy, health and well-being. Becoming aware of your existing strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, feelings and actions, and using various self-discovery techniques to turn your focus inwardly, will all help you cope, adapt and find resolutions and create solutions. 

 “You cannot heal what you cannot feel”

Sharon is an amazing councilor with a natural ability to actively listen and ask you the right questions to find your inner answers. She is a social worker, who has worked many years in the Health Care and Social Service Field. She brings compassion, knowledge, skills and experience from working with individuals and families dealing with mental health disorders, addictions, chronic pain, aging issues, caregiver stress, transition and change, domestic abuse, loss bereavement, grief, resource management and navigating the health care system.

You can expect the counselling sessions to be in a safe, private, confidential environment.  At the initial session, you and Sharon will discuss your needs and expectations of therapy and future goals. Each person is unique and individual, and needs, expectations and goals may be revisited and redefined during the therapeutic process.

Sharon believes emotional and mental health deserve attention and kindness, just like your physical health. Sharon warmly invites you to open up with her and use her years of experience to help you discover the wisdom you already have within yourself. 

Emotional and Mental Well-being Counselling & Consultation

Janessa Roy MEd, Post Bacc, BA

$55/60 minute session or $75/90 minute session

To book with Janessa call or text (204) 930-4158

My name is Janessa, and I am a mom, wife, daughter, student, and a health advocate!  I've always had a passion for mental & physical well-being, but also for helping others achieve their overall wellness goals.  

In 2007, I graduated with a Masters Degree in which my thesis was on the topic of alternative treatments in addiction therapy.  Only a few years later, my brother passed away from a drug overdose, thus I was struck by intense grief and trauma.  Unfortunately after many attempts, pharmaceuticals and traditional counseling offered me no solace.  I knew I needed to keep exploring for an answer that worked for me, therefore my love for the topic of alternative healing was rekindled.

And so, I have embarked on a new career path in the holistic wellness field with my Shamanic Touch Aromatherapy Relaxation Treatment, which is the application of pure plant oils to different locations of the body. Along with offering the treatments, I am furthering my research by continuing with the University of Manitoba along with a fully accredited Holistic Studies program with a college located in BC, Canada.

I am truly passionate about alternative healing treatments for both physical and mental/emotional ailments. I am excited to share this ancient healing wisdom that has helped me so much with my own recovery from trauma and grief with as many possible.  

Aromatherapy, music therapy, and massage are combined in my sessions to create an authentic, unprecedented deep healing experience that I truly look forward to sharing with you!


Shamanic Touch Aromatherapy Relaxation Treatment

Kevin Brouwer, CTI Coach

My name is Kevin. I'm a coach dedicated to supporting men and redefining manhood. As a coach, I work one-on-one with men of all kinds, where my job is to listen well and offer insight, all in service of getting you where you want to go. I want you to become the best man you can be, I want you to lead a rich, full life, and I want you to get the support you deserve. Let's work together to make that happen - I know you'll love the process too.

In our sessions, we'll work on setting and attaining your goals, finding ways to overcome obstacles along the way. You’ll learn how to prioritize what’s most important to you, how to maintain a healthy perspective on things, and how to process what you're going through. Best of all, you'll learn how to better access your inner strength and inner wisdom.

Call me at (647) 994-9943 or send me an email at to schedule a consultation and book your FREE 50-minute intro session.

Man Down Coaching:

CTI Coach - Personal Coaching For Men

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