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Inner peace retreat - new offering for fall 2021

When is the last time you paid attention to your thoughts and feelings? Are there days you feel emotionally paralyzed? Or, have you been feeling broken or stuck in life?

Our emotional and mental health is crucial to our wellbeing. When we experience depression, trauma, loss, grief and / or sadness, our world becomes shattered to us. Struggles and suffering can quickly overwhelm us.

It is in those darkest times that we need to pause, acknowledge the experience, cradle and soothe our hearts. Taking a pause can allow healing and movement to begin and happen for us once again.

This is when our services can help be your light.

Inner peace retreat 1 ($150): a 2 hour session (includes 1 hour of counselling and 1 hour of reiki treatments) to help you reflect, release and reclaim your calm.

Inner peace retreat 2 ($300): a 4 hour session (includes retreat 1) as well as a follow up 1 hour session of both.

Sharon Sohor (MSW, RSW) and Stacey Suderman (Advanced Reiki Practitioner) have combined their expertise to tailor a uniquely profound healing experience just for you.

Verbally release and let go of emotion during your one hour counselling session with Sharon, followed by energetic release and emotional rebalancing during your one hour Reiki session with Stacey.

Message from Sharon: During these dark times, negative thoughts and emotions can show up in our bodies as disease both physically and mentally. They can make you feel hopeless, can cause you to have little to no concentration, and even cause physical pain.

Counselling can provide that pause and time for self-care, in a safe, comfortable and nonjudgmental setting. True healing can only happen when you feel it. I look forward to guiding you along your journey of healing, nurturing and self-care.

Message from Stacey: Reiki can offer reprieve, as part of your overall treatment plan to help clear the energetic blockages that can occur. Reiki's energy healing process is calming and peaceful, providing a sense of comfort and relaxation for you when you feel that you have no control.

With these treatments, divine energy flows through the body and rests where it is needed most, helping balance mind, body and spirit. Let me help you find inner peace, while promoting better sleep, clearing negative blockages and supporting a positive internal balance overall.

Contact Stacey to book your Inner Peace Retreat today (@204-797-7994).

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