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Questioning your worth?

Lighthouse messages by Sharon Sohor

Discover your light, find your way.

Everyone has value. Everyone has goodness. You are worthy and deserving of respect.

To help you realize your own worth, it is important to know yourself. Know your strengths, weaknesses, skills, knowledge and gifts. Know where to go and who to be with that will help provide validation and positivity.

If a person feels devalued, it may reflect low self confidence and self esteem, unmet expectations, poor or lack of effective communication. These are crucial focal points for anyone struggling with the feelings of worthlessness.

By recognizing your feelings, identifying the behaviors and circumstances, one can begin to see more options and possibilities. This can help you make changes and regain yourself in the process.

You are worthy, no matter what your mind says. You are absolutely worthy of living a healthy, balanced, happy, and whole life. And the better you come to know this, the more it will happen.

Sharon Sohor

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