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Our Story

Paradise of Reality began in 2007, initially as a women's wellness business that focused on counselling, workshops and bodywork all performed by Karen Litinsky. Since then our scope and team has expanded and evolved.  


We are passionate about celebrating our proven methods as well mastering new colorful approaches to holistic health. 

Paradise of Reality Team



Lana Young  



Lana is actively involved in volunteering and working to assist others find health, balance, and joy in their lives.  With experience as a crisis and sexual assault support, as well as a counsellor at a women's family violence shelter, Lana has learned the value of continuous spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical practices to reach these goals. Lana is passionate about health, healing, and empowerment.  With her calming presence, Lana is committed to assisting you to live your best life, one that is aligned with your truest desires and values.  

Lana is a Certified Crystal and Usui Reiki Practitioner.  Lana is also Certified to Facilitate Women's Sistership Circles and Instruct SharQui Belly Dance.  With a wide variety of services available, sessions and classes can offer a diverse range of experiences.

Crystal Chakra Balancing* - This is a great way to begin work on the chakras with crystals.  Each of the 7 major chakras are checked for imbalances and gently guided towards their optimum condition.  This is a beautifully relaxing spa like experience, which can be used for maintenance of energetic hygiene.

Crystal Chakra Emersion* - This treatment is perfect to dive deeper into a stubborn chakra.  Focus is on one particular chakra and may involve various elements in combination to help the energy here come into alignment.  This experience may induce a release of stale energy and emotion but is still done gently, and is deeply relaxing.

Full Chakra Recalibration* - This treatment is designed for periodic deeper sessions.  Each of the 7 major chakras plus 3 additional chakras are guided towards their optimum condition.  This is a typically beautifully charged experience, which can induce a release of stuck energy and emotion anywhere in the light column.

Usui Reiki Session* - In this treatment, healing source energy is channeled into the body.  Hands are placed just above the body to help guide energy in a way that promotes balance and healing  This is another beautifully relaxing spa like experience, which can be used for maintenance of energetic hygiene.

* This is a clothes-on, "no touch" service.  This service can also be completed via a distance session, which is equally potent and effective.

SharQui Belly Dance - SharQui Belly Dance is a fusion of authentic belly dance movements combined into an aerobic workout.  No prior experience, coordination, or special athletic skills are required.  In fact, Lana has designed her classes to be as accessible as possible.  This class is ideal for those who have extra weight that they wish to lose, those who are mature, and those who have a sedentary daily life.  At the same time it delivers enough challenge to satisfy most.  Belly Dance is a wonderful opportunity to embrace and accept the female body.  It builds self-confidence and empowerment while tapping into stored emotion in the body (especially the hips). PLUS... it's lots of fun!  As with any physical exercise, it is advisable to check with your doctor prior to starting new activity.

Sistership Women's Circles - In this time, perhaps more than any other, women are craving connection.  Sistership Women's Circle allows participants to feel safe, heard, and part of a supportive community.  In circle there is acceptance.  Come exactly as you are.  Circle promotes deep exploration into emotions, perspective, and subconscious limiting patterns within a safe container built with boundaries and respect.  Every circle uses stimulating topics and ritual to create a one of a kind and magical experience.  Keep your eyes open for posted circle events or contact Lana for more information and to book a circle.

Classes - **Special Interest classes and workshops may be held periodically throughout the year.  Keep your eyes posted for upcoming classes and workshops. Potential topics are:

  • Understanding the Chakras

  • Connecting with Intention through Ritual

  • Crystal Bracelet Crafting

  • The Magic of Crystals

  • Make Your own Intention Bag

**All classes and workshops are for entertainment and informational purposes only.  No results are guaranteed.


Service Menu:

Crystal Therapy Sessions

Crystal Chakra Balancing single session $75/hr


Chakra Emersion single session $75/hr


Full Chakra Recalibration single session $75/hr

Using Guided Visualization Meditation


Crystal Layout/Grid single session $75/hr


Crystal Chakra Balancing Package* $450 ($150 non-refundable deposit required at booking)

Includes 8 Chakra Balancing sessions.  

Save $150! That is like 2 sessions completely FREE!


Chakra Emersion Package* $450 ($150 non-refundable deposit required at booking)

Includes 1 Chakra Balancing session and 7 Chakra Emersion sessions.

Save $150! That is like 2 sessions completely FREE!


Please note that the crystals and materials used in the session are not included to take home but some supplies may be available for purchase at an additional charge.

Reiki Sessions

Usui Reiki Single Session $75/hr


Usui Reiki Package* $450 ($150 non-refundable deposit required at booking)

Includes 8 Reiki sessions.

Save $150! That is like 2 sessions completely FREE!


*Packages are to be completed on a 1 session per week, or 1 session bi-weekly basis.  Pay $75 at each session for the first 4 sessions. Deposit will be applied to 5th &6th sessions.  The 7th and 8th sessions are included at no extra charge!

SharQui Belly Dance Classes


Semi-Private/Private  Belly Dance  Instruction**  $25-50/hr

Group SharQui Belly Dance (4 or more participants)**    $15/hr/person


Group SharQui Belly Dance 8 Week Package** $90/person (Full payment taken at time of booking)

Save $30! That is like 2 classes completely FREE!


** SharQui Belly Dance is a fusion of authentic belly dance movements and aerobic dance.

Classes and Women's Circles


Classes and Women's Circles (4 or more participants) From $15/hour/person

Classes as scheduled.  Circles are 2 - 3 hours and time will be listed for each circle advertised.


Women's Circle Package (8 weeks of circle) $180/person (Full Payment taken at time of booking)

Deepen your relationships with other Women in a Sistership Circle with a certified facilitator. Open yourself to emotional breakthroughs and spiritual connection.  Build confidence and find empowerment!

Save $60 or more! That is like 4 or more hours for FREE!

Certified Crystal Practitioner, Usui Reiki 3 Energy Healer, Chakra Balancing, Women's Circles, and Belly Dance

Lana Young, CCP

call or text 204-900-5134 to Book or for more information

Paradise of Reality

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