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Stacey Suderman

To book, call or text 204-797-7994 or email

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About Stacey

I have always been open to spirit, energy and everything the universe has available to us. My path in life has now given me the opportunity to balance my corporate professional career alongside providing wellness services as part of the amazing team here at Paradise. My services include: Reiki, Medium readings, Akashic soul readings and End of Life Doula services.

Reiki ($25/half hr, $50/hr): If you are seeking energetic support, I offer reiki services (including distance reiki on request) for both people and animals. I am a certified Reiki Master (Usui Reiki) and Animal Reiki Master. During a reiki session, I will use hands-on healing where energy is transferred from my hands to you, while you are fully clothed lying on a massage table. This non-invasive treatment will encourage physical, emotional and/or spiritual healing as the universal energy moves through your body and rests where it is needed most. Reiki is a great compliment to massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic or any other medical treatment modalities.

Medium readings ($50/hr): Connect with loved ones that have passed on while receiving messages of healing and support.


Akashic soul readings ($50/hr): Understand your soul's purpose and access your Akashic records to help tell the story of your life. An opportunity to learn of the soul contracts and assess the lessons of your past and future.

End of Life Doula ($25/hr): I am also an End of Life Doula, providing support and advocacy for individuals and their family around the topic of end of life care. As your End of Life Doula, I want to help prepare the last chapter of your story here in the physical world. 


My services include;

·         Initial consultation and discussion on needs

·         Resource support

·         Advance Care planning

·         Legacy work

·         Vigil

·         Post death support for family and caregivers

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