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Located in the heart of St Boniface, Winnipeg

Shoulder Massage
Myofascial Release
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Mindful hands-on
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About physio with Maureen

Maureen Brouwer Physiotherapy


When I first began to work in private practice, my mission was to provide evidence based, holistic, one on one physiotherapy services.

In my many years of experience as a physiotherapist I learned that respect for the client’s experience was essential. By providing hands on, one on one care I could take the time to know the client’s concerns, and provide individualized assessment and treatment to meet their goals.


Typically an assessment begins with a review of how your body is moving, where there is pain or limitation of movement and function, where stress is held in the body.

People tend to think that where their pain is located, is where the problem is. However, this is not entirely true, as dysfunction  can be non painful but can cause other parts of the body to become overworked and painful.


My approach is to look at the whole person, to  restore optimal functional movement and health.


Treatment  will include John Barnes Myofascial release, other forms of  manual therapy, postural awareness , ergonomics, understanding the body’s response to stress/ trauma, Progressive muscle relaxation , breath work, mindfulness, self management practices



John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR)

is a hands-on manual therapy that uses prolonged stretches into areas of restriction, applying gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissue system called fascia. Techniques are performed directly on the skin without any oils, creams, or machinery, enabling the therapist to facilitate the restoration of flexibility and equilibrium within the fascial system.
Myofascial Release (MFR) is a comprehensive approach, in that it assesses the body as a holistic unit, rather than a specific joint or body part.


The origins of pain and functional restriction are addressed, acknowledging the significance and interconnectedness between both the physical and emotional components of trauma. Often with consistent treatment, patients become more in touch with the emotions associated with their pain or injury, which may be causing fascial restrictions.
JFB MFR trained therapists also employ a wide variety of techniques including movement therapy, soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy, fascial activation, awareness and imagery techniques in addition to education on proper body mechanics, postural movement awareness and self-treatment techniques to promote patient independence, realignment and long term healing.



Ultimately, Myofascial Release focuses on safely and gently releasing the entire whole body myofascial complex for lasting and thorough results and authentic healing.


Maureen works with adults and teens suffering from

Back Pain, Neck pain, Chronic Stress, Headaches, Whiplash, Pelvic Pain, Sprains and Strains, Rotator cuff problems or other shoulder problems, Leg pain, Chronic pain, Neurologic dysfunction, Post surgical recovery, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, Jaw pain, Chronic Fatigue syndrome ,Painful scars, Sciatica, Women’s health issues, Myofascial Pain syndrome


About Maureen

Maureen graduated as a physiotherapist  from the University of Manitoba. Maureen has a history of working with clients with complex presentations, in public and private settings in Manitoba and Ontario.

Maureen quickly realized that emotional stress occurs alongside physical trauma and thus initiated her interest in body/mind connections and the impact of stress and emotions on physical functioning.

Dedicated to continuing her education and developing her skills Maureen thrives through the evolution of her practice, merging new evidence based practices with a holistic approach.

Maureen initiated a private practice so that she could spend more time with each client and offer them the best care. Maureen is known for her compassionate respect for the client and her ability to inspire hope and confidence in the recovery process.

In addition to working as a physiotherapist Maureen is an experienced adult educator, leading workshops in Self Compassion, Motivational Interviewing, Stress Management and Personal Empowerment.

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