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Our Policies

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early before your first appointment with us to fill out the necessary health history forms.  We direct bill to most insurance companies.  Balance is due at the time of service. For payment we accept cash, etransfer or cheque.  If a prescription is required for your insurance company you must leave a valid copy with us for your file.  Clients are responsible for their own insurance/balance record-keeping.  When insurance maximums are reached or claims are not processed for any reason, it is the client’s responsibility to stay informed of any claim rejection(s) and contact the provider immediately and satisfy payment.


Full payment will be billed for all missed appointments and appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice.  In the event of arriving late for your appointment your therapist my extend your appointment slightly upon their own discretion/scheduling; however the full payment will be billed for the treatment. 

Our Therpaists' have the right to cease treatment at any time if the professionalism of bodywork/massage comes into question during the session and full payment will still be billed for the appointment.  We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment.  Paradise of Reality is a professional wellness center that abides strictly to the ethical standards of the industry.  

At Paradise of Reality we strongly believe in the importance of client/therapist treatment-related communication.  We ask that our clients continually give us pressure/pain feedback throughouth their treatment so that together we can acheive the greatest results with minimun kickback pain, however with massage and especially deep tissue treatments kickback pain is always a possibility.  All of our therapists are commited to assisting our clients, including post-treatment.  We encourage all of our clients to contact us at any time in regards to pre/post-treatment questions/comments. 


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