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Sex & Intimacy Help

About working with Alana

Relationship Counselor, Intimacy and Sexuality Coach, Certified Sexologist, Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner and Educator.

"Let's Focus on Solutions and Results,moving forward and overcoming the blocks that can hold us back,So we can Live here & now!"

Counselling and sexuality coaching is for everyone,

no matter age, occupation, identity, fatih, or relationship. Our sexuality is part of BE-ing human, and issues with our sexuality can affect all aspects of our lives. 

I work with all ages- from puberty and into senior years - all humans, singles, couples, groups, and poly partners.

You may not know what you need right now, and that's OK. 

Let's get the conversation started and discover what you need, together.  

I facilitate a safe 'container' where you can speak freely and openly, without fear of judgement or shame.  No censorship.  Providing you with actions, practices, and new habits that rewire the brain and nervous system to overcome, heal and move forward!

Relationship counselling, sex coaching, and sexual therapies can differ depending on your goals. 

To learn more about what sessios may be like for you, reach out for a free consultation and let's get the discussion started.

My office at 383 Provencher Blvd. in Winnipeg, MB has free and easy parrking and we are on the 2nd floor.

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