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Maureen Brouwer DPT


Treatment is covered by insurance plans for Physiotherapy. Maureen also sees clients covered by MPI or WCB. 

To book, call or text (204) 952-6458

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About Maureen

Maureen is a Physiotherapy graduate from the University of Manitoba and has extensive experience in her field; in physiotherapy practice, research and teaching. Maureen provides the expertise, guidance, environment, and therapeutic treatment to help you achieve your health goals.

From her experience, Maureen developed an awareness of the importance of mind and body in recovering from injury or illness. She has expanded her learning to include the study of emotional and physical neuroscience, interviewing, self compassion, stress, and chronic pain management. 

In recent years, Maureen has trained in John Barnes Myofascial Release which is very effective in reducing pain - both acute and chronic - reducing stress, achieving structural change in the body, and restoring pain free mobility and function.

Maureen's goal is to help you return to a pain free active life:

From back pain - Chronic pain - Headaches - Disc Problems - Whiplash - Pelvic/Sacro Iliac pain - Hip pain - Neck pain - Shoulder pain - Fibromyalgia - Jaw Pain (TMJ) - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Carpal Tunnel - Painful scars - Scoliosis - Sciatica - Myofascial Pain Syndrome - Migraines, etc.

What to expect during your Physiotherapy appointment with Maureen? Maureen provides a one-on-one hands on approach where you receive focused care and attention for your entire appointment.

Integrating mind and body science and clinical expertise, Maureen incorporates various approaches into her work. Myofascial release combined with body awareness, breath, ergonomics, postural review, stress management, self compassion, self MFR practices, muscle energy and exercise.​​

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