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Karen Litinsky

Owner/Operator/Instructor/Massage Therapist

$135/90 minutes

Call or text 204-955-1996 to book

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About Karen

Karen is a Metaphysical Psychologist that has been helping people achieve greater states of holistic wellbeing since 2006. Karen is a registered AMDA & NHPC member as well as certified Holistic Life Coach, Natural Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Reiki II practitioner with a background in Chakra Therapy, Pranic Healing, Energy Work and Meditation. 

After several years of intense study in various avenues of holistic mental/physical/spiritual wellness, Karen opened up Paradise of Reality in 2007 and began teaching inner studies workshops and classes. Karen has dedicated the past decade to specialize in the ego-mind and study the mind/body in connection with therapy. Karen has been a major player in the creation of the international Ego-Less System, an online mind renovation series.

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